It is crucial that we work together to cultivate the next generation of voters by empowering students to fulfill their civic duties and participate in our state’s elections.

Rolando B. Pablos

Texas Secretary of State

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We're working to ensure that voter registration occurs twice a year in high schools across Texas. We believe in the importance of an engaged youth population- and the law is on our side.
Texas law requires high schools to pass out and collect voter registration applications to eligible students at least twice a year. Too few high school principals are aware of this law, and even fewer implement it.
Texas Secretary of State Rolando B. Pablos wrote a letter last year urging superintendents to ensure their districts' high schools participate in the opportunity to register voters. Below, you can read his letter, along with the full law. If you're ready to take action, sign up to be an Ambassador.

Letter to superintendents from Rolando B. Pablos

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Texas Election Code – ELEC § 13.046. High School Deputy Registrars

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