We are a student-led 501(c3) working for voter registration in every high school across Texas.

Texas usually has low voter turnout of youth aged 18-24. To combat this, Students Rise focuses on registering and educating high school students so that they grow up to be active citizens. We inform schools about their duties to register students to vote and empower high schoolers to take matters into their own hands by organizing voter registration drives and meeting with their principals.


Last summer, we met with principals, superintendents, and even government officials about adherence to Texas Election Code 13.046, which requires all high schools to register eligible students to vote. In the 2018 midterms, youth turnout at the polls was unprecedented- but there's still so much work to be done. 

We are organized around an Ambassador program- students sign up and work to get voter registration in their school. Learn more about our Ambassador program here.

Thank you to our amazing partners for their support, as well as to March for Our Lives and the Microsoft (Benevity Community Impact Fund) for their generous donations.


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